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Part1: faucet is not a panaceaThe tap on the market can be divided into the bathtub faucet, basin faucet, kitchen faucet, and in each category and according to the function, style, material and color is divided into many small categories. Different tap in the details of the differences that make you wonder. 1,double outlet bathtub faucetThis leading must have two outlets, following to bath water, the other is used to connect the shower. Clearly understand but also pay attention to the faucet tap length was slightly longer than the width of a bathtub edge, so as to ensure water, the water can not flow to the outside. 2, sometimes leading short mouthThe faucet and bathroom vanities collocation, is used to wash clothes, wash. Therefore, the choice of a short outlet nozzle and a very low head is both practical and coordinated, but should pay attention to set aside enough washing space. 3, tall kitchen faucetFor ease of use, kitchen faucet to choose some high, water mouth to long, it is best to stretch to the mouth of the drainage above, but also can not splash. Leader of the inherent structure and not much difference, but in the way of sealing ceramic valve and rubber seal, can be based on their own preferences and kitchen design to buy.
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